Claresa-43Hi. I’m Claresa. I am a freelance writer and editor with more than a decade of journalism experience and a heart for sharing positive stories.

I earned my degree in Mass Communications, and spent most of my career writing and producing news for radio, television, and online media.

As you would imagine, many days were spent covering tragedies; but there were also a lot of great stories about overcoming adversity, and neighbors helping neighbors. And each story made me see why we need to live intentionally, and why we have to make a conscious decision to see the good in a world that can often be overshadowed by the bad.

I see the good, and the positive thinking that often propels it, as inspiration to help you become a first-rate version of yourself — a more productive you, living a life that’s a little sweeter.

These days, I am living a pretty sweet life with my husband and baby girl in South Carolina. I write everything from blog posts to press releases, but I specialize in faith, family, productivity, creativity, and natural hair. I also pen poems and song lyrics. When I’m not writing or spending time with my family, you can find me reading, taking on a DIY project or finding something to organize.