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I’m Claresa Smith–a wife, stay-at-home mom, and northern transplant who is now happy to call the Carolinas home. Writing is how I process life. Organizing is how I like to decompress when life gets stressful.  And keeping my faith in God is how I keep my sanity.

For nearly a decade, I made a career out of writing and producing news for radio, television, and online media. As you would imagine, many days were spent covering tragedies, but there were also a lot of great stories about overcoming adversity, and neighbors helping neighbors. I loved the positive stories, but I learned from them all. And each story made me see why I needed to make the most of my life by living intentionally and finding some beauty in our broken world.

In the midst of all that learning, I started a blog to document my journey and some of the things that inspired me to live intentionally. I called it Finding Inspiration.


Over the years, I’ve grappled with what finding inspiration really means to me.

At the core, I always saw it as finding good things, and latching on to the thinking that often propels those good things. But it wasn’t until recently, I connected it with my belief that every good and perfect thing given comes from God (James 1:17), making Him the ultimate source of inspiration.

Now I see that finding inspiration is finding the moments, the things, and the people God uses to reveal Himself to you.

They let you get a glimpse of His power, His wisdom, His goodness, and His truth.

They show you a bit of the beauty and the good in a messy, broken world full of messy, broken people.

Now, goodness and beauty are not always pretty in the way we think of it, but they can make life a little more peaceful.

I don’t know about you, but I want to see that goodness and beauty–come to recognize it as much as I can–no matter what it looks like and where it comes from on this side of Earth.


When you believe in a God without limits, anything can inspire you and work to keep you inspired.

Louisa May Alcott once wrote, “It’s amazing how lovely common things become, if one only knows how to look at them.”

I agree. It’s easy to fall into our routines and feel our lives are mundane. But with a shift in perspective, you can hold on, push through, and keep going to live out your purpose, and do the things you believe you’re called to do….becoming a first-rate version of yourself.

Here, you’ll find stories about the lessons and revelations from my journey, as well as those of others. That, along with reviews (books, movies, music), life hacks, and other encouraging resources for your own journey.


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