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On Changes And The Year That Was 2014

The phone rang, ushering me out of a deep sleep. I glanced at the clock nearby and noticed it was close to two-thirty in the morning. I saw my grandmother’s name on the caller ID. I immediately whispered “no” repeatedly. Then I gained enough composure to answer the call and say “hello”. That’s when she uttered the words that made me burst into tears. “Your grandfather’s gone.” That was back in November. I don’t remember much after those first words, just how strong she sounded despite getting news less than an hour earlier herself. I, on the other hand, think I became weak. I found myself on a roller coaster of crying fits and moments of peace that I can only say were given to me by God. And as in any case when someone close to you dies, I thought about whether there was anything I would have done, should have done or could have done. But this time, I also thought about how life can change in an instant, and wondered if I had lived …


One Word For 2014

Out of a quiet, soft sleep I can hear small whimpers coming from the next room. Soon that quiet whimper works it’s way into a full on wail. I kick my feet, wrestling my way out of my warm bed to feel the cool air wrap itself around my arms. It jerks me. And I chase the sound. The wailing subsides as a set of small, wondrous eyes lock onto me, her mother. And I see a smile. I take her in my arms to nurse her. Several minutes later, I watch as she lies waywardly across my lap. Her small but strong body was limp from the overwhelming state of contentment. Not a care in the world. Seeing my daughter content in the quietness of slumber always gives me joy. But at times, it gives way to this uneasiness at the core of me. I worry about whether I can truly do a good job being a full-time mother and CEO of my household. And I worry about whether I can make the most …

Sunday Song: Called To Carry

I have traveled many moonless nights Cold and weary, with a babe inside And I wonder what I’ve done Holy Father, you have come And chosen me now To carry your son I am waiting in a silent prayer I am frightened by the load I bear In a world as cold as stone, Must I walk this path alone? Be with me now Be with me now (From “Breath of Heaven” as sung by Amy Grant) In the week leading up to Christmas, I am thinking about what happens when God chooses you to do something great. I believe we all have a purpose, and are called to do something even though we may not know what it is or why Mary was called to be Jesus’ mother. She was a young virgin…someone who appeared to be an unlikely candidate for such a calling. But at the same time, she was the perfect candidate. God saw in her what those around her could not see. They could only see an unmarried woman. But He …

What I Learned On Vacation

You never think you’re going to take a vacation and actually learn something. But you can, if you’re open to it. For months, my hubby tried to plan a nice beach vacation for us, but it didn’t work. We ended up going to Atlanta instead, and it was the best decision we ever made. We got the chance to see the city in a way we’d never seen it, and reconnect with friends. The first stop was the Georgia Aquarium, where we truly saw the greatness of God. We got to examine creation on a whole new level. It was amazing! We honestly became like children, noticing how unique each creature was. Then several times throughout our visit, we marveled at the beauty of the architecture and the engineering behind it. We couldn’t help but realize that people were created with such intelligence! (It’s up to the person whether they act on that intelligence) Through all this, I learned that all creatures were excellently made with specific functions that allow them to live in their …

The Method And The Madness

I didn’t do much studying, growing up.

When it came time to take tests in school, I relied on how well I took notes and processed the information when it was taught.

And I must say…I was an impeccable note-taker.

Not because I never made mistakes or misheard anything.

But because I covered up the evidence.

It’s Okay To Standout

Ever feel like an outcast? I think I’ve spent most of my life feeling like I wasn’t quite like everyone else. I was the one who, in the 2nd grade, found myself straightening up the decorative pieces on the tables while I was supposed to be enjoying my best friend’s birthday party. I was the one who insisted on doing my homework at the front of the school bus even when everyone else was talking and laughing. I was the one who took high school math textbooks and quizzed my self for fun. I was called too quiet, too proper, and most times, just different. Well, last night I heard a sermon from a youth pastor at my current church, and although the target audience was 11 to 18, it encouraged me. The message was simple: God created you the way you are for a reason, and that He doesn’t want you to be anything, but yourself. He just wants to redirect your focus and help you accomplish more than you can imagine. The basis …